Wendy Weiss | Founder and CEO | Weiss Financial Advisors MA

Wendy Weiss MBA, Ph.D

Founder and CEO

Wendy Weiss is keenly interested in helping her client make excellent financial decisions for themselves and the people they love most.

Wendy brings advanced training in finance, and 20+ years of experience working with clients while at Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Weiss Financial Advisors, LLC. 

She realized that clients want someone who is honest, respectful and takes the complexity out of finance. They also want to address immediate issues, as well as build a better future for themselves and the ones they love.  

Wendy founded Weiss Financial Advisors, LLC. to provide that type of service. It is a boutique firm that puts clients’ interest first. Clients know what to expect. Responsibilities to our clients are spelled out before they are asked to commit (links to view our Planning Agreement and Privacy Policy). So is the compensation for each set of services: planning and investing (link to view our Compensation of Services). There are no hidden fees for referrals to other professionals to buy long-term care insurance, get Medicare planning advice, life insurance and/or annuities.

Clients want guidance. They also want to understand adviser recommendations before they rely on them. Wendy was a college professor, with experience making things easier to comprehend. She continues to use this skill, offering clients explanations that enhance their ability to make decisions about money that will impact their lives.

MBA in Finance (Brandeis University's International Business School) 2001

  • Financial Adviser, Morgan Stanley, 2001-2005
  • Financial Adviser, Merrill Lynch (previously called Banc of America Investment Services) 2005-2009
  • Financial Literacy promotion and writing 2009-present
  • Weiss Financial Advisors, LCC, Founder and CEO 2014-present

Ph.D. Cultural Anthropology (Bryn Mawr Graduate School of Arts and Sciences) and professor at Wheaton College. Massachusetts.




Personal Bio

In her spare time, she loves to cook dinners so she can share conversation with family and friends. When the season is right, she gets tremendous joy from gardening, bringing beauty to the ones she loves.

Wendy Weiss | Founder and CEO | Weiss Financial Advisors MA
Wendy Weiss | Founder and CEO | Weiss Financial Advisors MA
Wendy Weiss | Founder and CEO | Weiss Financial Advisors MA